MailChimp + WebinarGeek

Synchronize with MailChimp for powerful automations.

WebinarGeek information in MailChimp

After each registration the information in MailChimp is automatically synchronized with the unique viewing link and the webinar data. To give you a complete overview and to start automations based on this information.

Send your own confirmation- and reminder emails

Through the smart synchronization of data between WebinarGeek and MailChimp you can send the registration - and reminder emails yourself with MailChimp. In your own branding, in your own system.

Segment based on viewing behavior

Give your viewers and non-viewers different tags so you can segment your contacts in MailChimp. Send a follow-up mail to your non-viewers? It’s a breeze with this integration!

Work with the tools you already use

Discover the added value of our integration with MailChimp

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Measure your conversion easily with LinkedIn Insight Tag.

Synchronize with ActiveCampaign for powerful automations.

Synchronize with MailChimp for powerful automations.

Synchronize your contacts with Enormail. Start autoresponders for your viewers.